Sunday, March 29, 2020

Onwards, Onwards

I'm still on the move.
During the week I had one day off work due to Coronavirus but then it was back to work the next day. I'm a key worker in a key supply chain so the truck stays on the road even if in a reduced capacity.
My car passed its MOT also which means it's on the road for another year. This was very good news amid all the bad.
My 3D learning is gathering a little pace too. The above image, although like others posted here is a step forward. Importing LeoCAD .obj files never included the details printed on the figures or bricks. This has now been solved by importing the native .ldr file into Blender and exporting the .obj from there. That in itself was a task because I needed to add an addon to Blender and also add the LDraw library to the importer. A little trial and error got me there in the end.
My next task is to add LeoCAD files that have been rendered in Blender to photographs. I've watched a tutorial so I'll go through it again with Blender open this time.
Expect results very soon.

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