Sunday, March 15, 2020

Where Next?

Where does your imagination take you?
Mine takes me to all kinds of places. At the moment it's learning 3D software so that I can create the things and places that only exist in my head. It's time to up my game now though. I'm going to spend the next month learning as much as I can about CAD software. It could be a useful skill in the future or it may just end up as something that benefits me.
I want to start work on another tune soon. I'm torn between doing what I do or trying something different. Maybe I could do both by collaborating, the thought has crossed my mind many times.
I'm definitely being imaginative with numbers and cryptography. I have lots of little bits to get working together although the right combination in the right order hasn't come to me yet.
It will. I'm still learning new tricks.

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