Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Green & Machine

It's time to break out the melodica.
My soprano melodica is my favourite instrument. It has a sound which is somewhere in the region of awkward and cheap. It's an acquired taste.
Where there is magic is the processed sound. By adding chorus or flanger or reverb the sound seems to sit much more comfortably in a composition. How many times have you heard a melodica with tons of delay added in a reggae track? Works doesn't it.
I'm hoping to create something along the lines of trip hop and cool jazz. I like cool jazz's chords and modes but I like the electronic richness of trip hop. I'll be running a mic through the vocal processing capabilities of the QY100 and I'll shape the melodica's sound that way. The QY100 can handle the rest of the sequencing. Hopefully I'll then MIDI the QY to the RM1x for some extra punch and record everything on the fourtrack which can also handle any overdubs.
Now that I've got my SmartMedia card I can take some time making and saving building blocks. I want this to be right.
Let the work begin.
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