Thursday, March 24, 2011

TAB #3

It's been a night of experimentation.
Sometimes I need to mess about with kit to get a better idea of what is possible. It also helps me to be better acquainted with my hardware. Tonight has been one of those nights. Because of the way the QY handles MIDI I needed to have a play with setting up voices and rhythms. The conclusion I have arrived at is that I need to get a working MIDI file off the PSP to see what it does inside the QY. If it works the same way as the Chordbot MIDI file I may have to eliminate that bit of kit from the process which would be a shame. Having said that, the more I play with the QY the more I get enticed to start writing the track on that. It's a great little machine and the temptation to complete the track using that and then MIDI overdub sounds from the RM1x into the Tascam is almost overwhelming.
At some point over the weekend I'll do a little file transfer and make a decision.
Everything could change.

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