Tuesday, March 29, 2011

TAB #4

It's not good news.
As much as I wanted to include the PSP and Beaterator in this process I'm afraid it was just not meant to be. The problem is that Beaterator is fantastic at what it does but it requires time and a little dedication to make a track. It's just in its nature that you tweak as you go along. It's made be a whole process and therefore fairly deep in places. What I need right now is a unit that will help me get my ideas down fast but with the ability to tweak later. That unit is the QY100. I have the option to tweak the life out of the QY once the basics are complete and to tweak still further on the RM1x.
While I've been getting into track building on both units I've got to know them quite well. The QY is what I need for building ideas quickly and the PSP should be a constant companion in my shoulder bag for building tracks on a slow burn basis.
So it's on with the project and a track restart. I'll also have to find some time to finish the new track I started in Beaterator.
Two projects, twice the fun.
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