Sunday, March 13, 2011

Track Anatomy Blog (TAB #1)

Part One

Every song needs some form of inspiration. You need to start somewhere, you need an idea of or from something.
I took my inspiration from my favourite composer Debussy. I like his composition 'La Mer' so I decided to use the same key C#. This was a good starting place but I wanted a little variation. I consulted an iPhone app called Scales & Modes. I picked the Dorian mode because although it is one of the major modes it is considered minor because of the flattened 3rd.
I still wanted to tweak so I opened an app called Octavian and dialled in a C#m Dorian scale. This gives me the following notes:
C# D# E F# G# A# B
I'll let you work out the chords but the ones I am going to use will only use these notes.
The next stage is to create a chord structure upon which I will create a track.

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