Sunday, February 10, 2019

A Lot Of Tonespace

Here's something I've been messing with all night.
It's free software called Tonespace and it's very interesting and extremely useful. It's main job is to play chords which it does very well. The way it plays the chords can be adjusted in a wide variety of ways. What I found so inspirational is the way it will randomly re-voice chords. Just choose the setting and it jumps around your selected chord and adds or moves appropriate notes within your chosen scale. That could make a simple 3 chord song sound very interesting and varied. It's particularly good if you MIDI it into a decent string or orchestral sound.
A lot of this evening was spent patching it into various other bits of audio kit. I'm still getting used to routing everything through Jack. Jack is kind of intuitive but sometimes things just won't play well together and a fair bit of trial and error goes on. Having said that, once you've worked out where you're going wrong and fixed it you can save your MIDI patch for next time.
I expect I'll be orchestrating a few more songs than I thought I would.
Can't be a bad thing.

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