Saturday, February 09, 2019

Something Different Maybe

I'm probably one of the few remaining people still using Google+.
This blog used to get pushed to G+ but that has now been stopped. I've rarely published directly to G+ but I use it every day as a news aggregator for stories about crypto and Linux. I'll miss it.

It has made me wonder how long Blogger will be around. The Android app is terrible and I don't have a use for it because there are no user definable layout options. So what happens if Google decide to retire Blogger?
Strange as it may seem Github may be an option. If one has a Github account one may have a Github Pages site. It's a little more involved than Blogger and requires use of Jeykll to publish markdown pages as HTML. The markdown part is OK, I already use the Atom editor for my markdown which is in itself a Github product.
Initially I like most people had reservations about Github after it was bought by Microsoft but Microsoft seem to be moving in the right direction with open source and that is encouraging. Things could and probably will change, they always do.

For now I'm sticking with Blogger. I've been using it for years and I like it but I do think I'll be experimenting with Github Pages soon to see if it could be a viable solution if this blog's home goes south.

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Francesco said...

With Jekyll you can self host too. For a static website the price of domain+space is very low (around 20€). That is what I did and I happy with the setup!