Saturday, February 02, 2019

Hacking MIDI

It's been a long night.

I've been messing with the QY300 and associated peripherals for about 8 hours. The first job was to fit it with a virtual disk drive. It was advertised as plug and play which it certainly is. It's saving all the data into virtual drives so that I don't lose hours of work. The weird thing is that the drive isn't showing any files when I plug it into my Lubuntu laptop. In all fairness they are both using totally different file systems. That does't matter though because I've managed to get my laptop talking to the QY300 over USB to MIDI cables so it's all good.
The idea is to create new patterns on Seq24 and add them to the QY300 which will be the backing for my songs.
While I'm on the subject of QY's, the QY100's SmartMedia card is read perfectly well by Lubuntu so there's always the option of doubling songs back onto that before re-voicing with the Korg. It all sounds very complicated but it isn't really and bouncing MIDI files between devices (including my phone) gives me endless options for creating music. I have an OTG adaptor for my phone so I might try driving the QY300 with that tomorrow.
Now I know everything works it time to get down to the business of writing some music.
If only inspiration was as easy as MIDI!

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