Monday, May 17, 2010


Moleskine Passions
I am in lust.
I was looking for a little treat for myself for no other reason than a bit of retail therapy may be needed by the end of what is going to be a hectic week at work. Having something to look forward to will get me through this week.
Having exhausted all the gadget options and drawing a blank I went to the Moleskine site to see if I needed a notebook or two, one can never have enough Moleskine notebooks. When I got there I found their new range of 'Passions' notebooks and I want at least three of them. I'm hoping I can just turn up at Waterstones and pick up a few at the weekend along with a book or two. Not that I need any more books, I have a reading list as tall as me. But these new 'Passions' notebooks are a must have. Like every product from Moleskine that I own I know I'll be happy with them.
I know this is a huge advert but some things in my world are worth shouting about.

(I got the above picture from the Moleskine site. I don't own the copyright and putting it here is a bit naughty. Image Copyright Moleskine 2010)

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