Thursday, May 13, 2010

Life In The Interesting Lane

Life on the road can be good.
You get to meet really interesting people that you wouldn't normally meet. A while ago I met a nice lady who worked in a small lab and asked if she had any spare immersion oil for my microscope, cheeky I know but she obliged. I saw her again yesterday and showed her some of the photos I had on my iPhone that I'd taken while dissecting my wasp. I explained about the iMicroscope app and its ability to measure things that are on slides. My friend was interested and asked if I could spare a few minutes to see if it worked with her microscope. I was happy to help.
The small lab is on the side of the Leicester Royal Infirmary. I didn't know what the lady looked at under her microscope but I was about to find out. I tried the app but its intense brightness was bleaching out the picture on the iPhone. It wasn't until after I left that I realised how to fix that problem, next time. I looked into the microscope to check focus and I found I was looking at sperm. I was in an Assisted Conception lab. No wonder I got strange looks emerging from the room with my work gear on.
My friend and I talked a little and I got some great tips and I left with a slide to look at at home. It was one of those priceless mornings that would never had happened if I chose the kind of career that imprisoned me in an office all day. It's one of the reasons I like driving a truck for a living. I get to watch the world go by and get to meet some fantastic and interesting people.
I also have one of the best views in the world of the world.
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