Saturday, May 22, 2010

Perfect Recall

Some things are just so.
Moleskine journals and notebooks are some of those things.
Yesterday I bought three of the 'Passions' range of Moleskine journals and I was quite happy with that because of the set of six they were the three I really wanted. Today I had that mind splinter that nagged me into buying the other three to complete my set. I really don't like incomplete things. If there's a set of Moleskine journals and I can find a use for each one then I really should have the full ensemble.
It was also a good idea buying all six now as Waterstones had them all in stock and they were included in a three for two deal. I know £64 is extravagant but not quite extravagant as £96 so I can justify my purchase.
Since being bought my first Moleskine I have fallen in love with the brand and the quality that can be expected. This might seem like yet another big advert for a product but I'm sticking to my guns that if something is worth shouting about one should let rip.
On days like today I'm totally happy being a slave to quality stationary.

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