Sunday, January 09, 2011

Change, No Change

Sometimes change is bad.
Take for instance tonight. My once favourite take away changed hands a while ago and now it's bottom of the list because the flavours I used to like have changed. In fact it's rubbish now and I won't be going back.
Then there is the corner shop. Once nice and friendly and now trying to rip me off for a quid. Maybe they could smell the alcohol on me and thought they might take advantage. They couldn't and they won't get another chance either.
If small businesses stayed consistent they'd last but the ones round here don't and then they disappear. Over the years I've seen them come and go. The two mentioned probably won't last too long either.
I'd put money on it.

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Palm-Sounds said...

I know exactly what you mean, it happens to me a lot, and those businesses don't last but they don't get why!

As always, enjoying your writing mate.