Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Write Time

I'm writing again.
This time it's the novel. I know how long it is since I last touched it but I'm not going to tell you. A while anyway.
Since making my new years resolution of writing more I've been thinking that I should get back to the book. It's something I never stop thinking about but one really does have to be in the mood to start typing hundreds of words in a single sitting.
Having reviewed the last chapter, which incidentally needs quite a few changes I've added a better ending and so now it's on to the next chapter which is fun and fairly easy so I should fly through that. I'm determined to finish the first draft before I head to Italy in May so no pressure there then. It would be nice to have a decent holiday and then head straight into the first full revision and second draft. Will I do that? Who knows but I hope so because I've got the bug again and I need to feed its hunger.
Wish me luck.

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awd said...

Ahhhh that old chestnut, the unfinished novel lurking in the shadows of a dusty drawer. It seems we are on the same page re: this...there must be something in the air.I'll show you mine if you show me yours (well actually probably not) but BIG LUCK I have faith in you & sight unseen KNOW it will be quirky interesting & perhaps a little dark.