Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Classical Approach

I decided to start what I'm calling my symphony tonight.
I'm glad I did. I've discovered that FL Studio 10 now works slightly differently from the way it used to. It's not a bad thing either, I like it. Another thing that I discovered or rediscovered was my old sample library. I bought a box set of ten discs over a decade ago primarily to be used with Music 2000. The contents are on my hard drive and one of the discs contains a whole load of very good orchestral samples. A quick re-tune from A to C in a FLS sampler channel and you're away. I'm mixing these samples with some decent plug-ins and the sound so far is fairly convincing.
I'm calling this my symphony because I want it to include lots of orchestral sounds and to have a classical structure. I also want to include some fantastic electronic sounds. Think Hybrid meets The Royal Philharmonic and you've got the idea. It'll be a labour of love but I've been meaning to do this for at least as long as I've owned the sample set.
The music has been written many ways and many times.
This will be my magnum opus.

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