Sunday, April 03, 2011

It's not often I get to stay up late drinking.
Tonight is one of those nights. So what do I get up to when I'm left alone with a bottle of wine and Google Chrome? I go deep browsing. That's the art of following links until the initial subject matter has disappeared off the radar or I've found another tangent worth pursuing. The idea is following a link which leads to another link which leads to another link and so on until the above criteria has been reached.
As I've just updated FL Studio I thought I'd try YouTube which itself creates linked searches. To get straight to the point I found 'Spicy Guitar' after wading through various FLS and guitar related links. It's a free guitar simulation VSTi. I've come across many of these before, some good and expensive, others free and not worth the download. 'Spicy Guitar' is different, very different. Not only is it free but it is incredibly good at what it does. It sounds like a guitar and you can program your strumming on any piano roll. Loosen up your DAW's rigid timing and you'd be very hard pressed to tell the difference between this and a real guitar either in the mix or out of it.
So here's to staying up late. Here's to getting tipsy, a bit, and here's to 'Spicy Guitar'.
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