Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I get distracted easily.
The last few days have seen the whole house get a proper spring clean. The studio hasn't escaped either. A bit of rearranging has paid off making everything just a bit more accessible. One thing that is very accessible now is Music 2000 on my PS2. Despite it being years since I completed a track on it I'll never get rid of the setup. Music 2000 originally came out on the PS1. I remember it well. I read previews and rumours months before the release and picked up a copy the day it hit the shelves. Each weekend I stayed at home and wrote a track while getting to expert user level, devouring tips and tricks and buying the strategy guide which I still have.
Considering how many musical projects I have on the go you might think that I'd leave the PS2 turned off, but no, not me. I just couldn't leave it alone and I've started a track. So that's now the PS2, PSP, QY100 and FL Studio 10 all with uncompleted tracks. It's said that variety is the spice of life.
It's also the inspiration too.


Beat said...

I use MTV Music Generator too. I also have it installed on my PSP.

MikiStrange said...

Hi Beat
I've used MTV Music Generator in the past and thought it was a good follow up to Music 2000 but not significant enough to change. Music 3000 had a lot of promise but I detected some BPM drift and although the sound quality was better not having a stable tempo really let it down.
I imagine your PSP is homebrewed, my PSP has one of the boards that can't be homebrewed which is probably a good thing because it runs Beaterator really well.
Have you tried any of the homebrew music programs? I think there was one called System7.