Thursday, April 07, 2011

TAB #6

This blog is fast becoming a QY100 tutorial.
That may not be a bad thing because the more I learn about the machine the more I think people would enjoy owning and using one.
One thing I hadn't noticed or simply overlooked was that the QY100 has two channels dedicated to pattern changes and chord changes. It then has 16 MIDI channels to do your own thing with. Now, stop and think about that for a second. Where does the pattern and chord MIDI data go when you export your track? That data is fine in native QY format but not so great for any other bit of kit. Fear not though. There is a way to dump all of your song data onto those extra MIDI channels and you'll still have some free space to add your own stuff. The other benefit of this is that should you want to keep your track within the unit every track can be re-voiced.
This presents me with a dilemma. I want to go to the RM1x for the next stage but now I also want to drop the finished MIDI file into FL Studio.
Another dual track duel?
I think so.

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