Monday, April 04, 2011

TAB #5

It was time to move things forward.
I played with Chordbot to get the chord sequence right. At this stage I'm not even sure I'm in key any more but the chords I've chosen sound right together and to me that's the most important thing.
Having got the chords right I needed to hear them in action, this is where things got interesting. Considering that most of the chords are sevenths I decided to use a jazz ballad preset on the QY100. The pattern setting allows you to input chords and changes on the fly. The result was OK but being the curious type I skipped through a few different presets. By the time I'd got to disco the chord timing had changed and here's why. Different styles require different chord structuring. Things sound better in one style one way and in different styles in different ways. But rather than turning into the new Klaus Wunderlich I'm using the different styles to formulate a plan for my own style and that will be the basis for the track.
The tempo and chord structure are now all new so it's time to create my own pattern and get on with this track.
I feel a new MIDI file coming on.
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