Thursday, April 07, 2011

A Head Of Time

"As I write this I am in the middle of a massive deja vu attack.
Most people experience deja vu every now and again, me too. But sometimes I have attacks that go on a bit. So far I'm about ten minutes in and the waves keep rolling in and out. Sometimes I think it's going to wear off then I'm layering realities again. It takes some getting used to but I enjoy the serenity of it all. It's just a bit confusing because I don't know if the memories I'm having are true or not.
Try to imagine having a memory of a memory of a memory that you're not sure is fabricated or not. It's like that. While I'm able to carry on doing what I'm doing my head is flicking backwards and forwards. It's like walking backwards and forwards through some kind of time gate. Fun but one can feel a little queasy.
Anyway, I've had to type this quite fast to keep the flow going and it's an effort so I'm going back to, well, whatever it is.
I'm enjoying myself because reality is probably just around the corner.
Time to drift again."

That was earlier. The deja vu turned into a migraine but I feel normal again now. It seems it was a night for neurological glitches.
Looks like it's a paracetamol day tomorrow.

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