Saturday, April 09, 2011

Rough Notes

To you this picture probably means nothing.
To me seeing this was a very emotional moment, I'll explain why.
Many many years ago I wrote a very simple tune on a Casio VL-1. It probably had a name but that was lost in time. It survived for a long time on a compact cassette and then it disappeared as most things do. The thing about this track was that it was universally liked. I suppose it was a stroke of luck but what I had recorded on various tape recorders using a sound on sound method seemed to gel with everyone that heard it.
When I got to 16 years old I managed to borrow a four track and the track was re-recorded. Again it resonated with listeners. Skip forward a few years and it was again recorded in a semi-pro studio. Same tune, different mix, same result. Move forward in time again and it was recorded on my PS1 as 'Hyperflow'. It didn't have the same magic but it still had its hook. It still caught the imagination.
So here I am in 2011 with the most complete studio that I'll ever own and I want to record 'Hyperflow' again. This time I want to try and strip it bare like the original but at the same time orchestrate it. It's a tall order. FL Studio 10 now lets me score my instruments. By the time the track(s) is or are finished I'll have something I can present to a real orchestra. Will they play my composition? Maybe not but I live in hope.
The picture above is the first time I've seen the notes of the violin part. That's why it's emotional. This tune has been around forever.
Hopefully it has a future.

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