Friday, April 12, 2013

An Early Night

It's not often I go to bed early at the weekend.
Tonight is different though because tomorrow I'm meeting my sister in town for a day out. Like any good useless brother I live in a different city to her and so don't get to see her that often. In fact the last time I did see her was before her birthday and so I've still got her present here with me. It's not like I couldn't post it or otherwise get it to her but I'm a useless brother so I still have it.
I've made sure that I'm up to date with stuff so that I'll have a nice day tomorrow and not have to rush around because there's other stuff to do. I've even got the coffee percolator primed and timed so that when I'm out of the shower there's a nice brew waiting for me. How organised is that?
So that's it. I'm off to bed to dream about a fish.
Goodnight all.

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