Saturday, April 13, 2013


Podcasting is something I've always wanted to do.
I've never really got round to it, I'm not sure why not. Since I've had my iPad I've hoped that an app would come along to make the whole thing one easy painless experience. In my case it's not one but many apps.
Firstly the really excellent Bossjock came my way. It's an app with the sole purpose of producing professional podcasts and it does just that extremely well. Then there's the much awaited Koalasan which will send audio directly to an audio server for live streaming (can't wait for that one). Both Bossjock and Koalasan will be bolted together through the Audiobus app which means because of the fx slot you'll be able to add some decent compression to the audio before it's broadcast. These three apps will be the holy trinity of live mobile broadcasting. As long as you have a wifi connection you'll be a broadcaster. It won't get much better.
The other apps in my arsenal are of course my music apps which I've started using to create some idents and beds. iSequence (above) has a particularly good library of sounds which sound as good as those used by pro radio stations. One still has to do a bit of composing and sound design but its fairly minimal and the results as you'd expect are very good.
That's what I've been doing this evening, getting the audio bits and bobs together in anticipation of Koalasan being released and me getting myself on the air. Not forgetting that Bossjock can record what goes through it and I'll use those recordings as podcasts for this blog.
Exciting times are ahead.

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