Tuesday, April 09, 2013

The Bed Studio Table

You know the situation.
You're lying in bed and you need to get stuff done. You probably need space for a coffee and a bun, maybe a netbook or similar thing that needs a flat surface. The thing is that the bedside table is too small and it's full of clocks, phones and radios. What you need is an over-bed table. You know the kind. You get them in hospitals and old folks homes.
Maybe you thought you could do without one until retirement, but with a proliferation of gadgets and things to be done before you start the day it could be time to invest. I did and I'm glad I did. My iPad can sit next to my netbook while I decrypt messages with a Windows only piece of software. I can have a notebook handy too so that I can scribble temporary stuff and now I have flat surface to lean on. I'm no good at writing while leaning on my leg, I don't know why I'm just like that.
Anyway, go get one of these tables and have a mini iPad, drawing or food studio at your fingertips.
You know you want one.
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