Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Damn Cat

I love Neville the cat.
He's getting on a bit now and he feels the cold. With this in mind I bought him a cat type igloo thing. He loves me back and constantly wants to sit on me so I put a T-shirt I'd worn inside so that he felt at home in the strange shaped cat house thing. I put some of his favourite biscuits inside as a welcome. Like chocolates on a hotel pillow. Everything was in place. The new cat igloo thing was next to the radiator so that it was snug inside. What more could a cat want?
A bloody shoe box that's what!
The git ate the biccies and then wandered down the hall to where my girlfriend had left an open shoe box near a radiator. He shunned the special (not cheap) comfort and squeezed himself into a shoe box which is just about big enough to accommodate him.
Tomorrow I'm going to get the shoe box and put it in the loft. That's terrible I know but this calculating cat has just met is match.
After 15 years I will score one victory.

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