Monday, April 08, 2013

Video Love & Hate

I still love and hate video.
I've spent this evening, yes all of it, working out how to get different types of footage into different bits of software. For one thing Blender, despite it being a world class 3D program is rubbish as a video editor. Hopefully that will change one day.
I found a Windows product on my PC that will convert .mp4 footage into wmv files so that's good. It's Windows Live Movie Maker and it's free on the web.
I know from the other night that Pinnacle Studio on the iPad is brilliant at handling my mp4 files and that getting them on the iPad is a breeze so that's still my favourite route.
So there you go, iPad or good old Windows Movie Maker are still quite basic but with a little imagination they can be used to good effect. If anyone knows of any decent free Windows NLE's I'd love to know as I still haven't found one.
There must be one somewhere.
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