Wednesday, April 24, 2013


I smoke. I like it.
Sometimes like over the last four weeks I've been smoking roll-ups. They're OK, and convenient but they lack that something that elevates smoking from the ordinary to the special. Pipe smoking is much better. The choice of tobaccos is like wondering into a specialist off-license and being presented with a myriad fine wines.
The art of preparing a pipe is like karma. The more effort one puts in the greater the pleasure. Apparently as I learned on Sunday through one of the national newspapers pipe smoking is going through a bit of a renaissance. In other words it's getting a bit trendy and one may buy a £500 trendy pipe to prove one is dedicated.
Smoking is aided by the type of pipe one uses but the experience is about good tobacco. A cheap Falcon pipe with its history and unchanged design with a decent tobacco is a much better union that some of the off the shelf brands and a new trendy pipe.
While I applaud the interest I can by comparison still enjoy fine wine in a mug. As long as it's been decanted. Pipe smoking has gone from the ordinary man's choice of smoke to being seen as somehow elite. It's not. It's cheaper than cigarettes and in these days of austerity it should be adopted as the nicotine intake of choice for everyone.
I'm certainly convinced.

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