Tuesday, April 09, 2013


I just can't help myself.
As much as I love good music and innovation in music technology and new sounds and software and apps I love "Styles" more. I think I need to explain what a style is first though.
Styles are musical styles, the kind you get on arranger keyboards like the Yamaha Tyros or on my QY100. The Styles emulate musical styles like country and western or surf rock or polka. You get the idea. As time has gone on modern arranger keyboards have got better at recreating the styles of real musicians. What I like about the Styles is that they never quite make it, they're always a bit duff, a bit like naff lift musak. I really do like that sound. I also like the fact that whenever I see people using Styles and playing some instrument or other the musician is really into it. They're either the exuberant showman or deep in concentration, something more like a concert pianist rather than a button presser.
I love anything that contains Styles like ChordPulse (above) that got its resurrection tonight thanks to a table to sit my netbook on. I love Chordbot on the iPad and of course my QY100.
What I like about all this software and hardware is that they all produce MIDI files which I use in other software or apps to re-voice. What I end up with is a mixture of questionable composition with some amazing sounds.
I think it's time to embrace my love of Styles and enjoy the fact that other people think its naff.
That'll only make me smile more.
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