Wednesday, December 27, 2006

In Between

So here I am, in between xmas and New Year. I really should be watching crap TV and finishing off beer and JD but I'm in Browns waiting for the call to change a barrel or something. Funny thing is that it's more of the same tomorrow. I was looking forward to kicking back.
Oh well, there's always next year and My Cat and I are off to the Netherlands in about four weeks where there may well be a lot of kicking back.
I'll just have to look forward to that.
Happy New Year everyone.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Here He Is

This is the picture you've all been waiting for, this The Strangecoach.
He's my new travel buddy and he's been doing a great job of getting me to work this last week. In return I've been tinkering under the bonnet and today I gave him a nice drink of Redex too.
If you see us having fun on the roads give us a wave or jump aboard, there's a comfy sofa in the back.
(That sounds pervy but it's not!)