Sunday, June 28, 2015

Doing Something Useful

After the disappointment of Ham Radio I thought that I'd do something that I would get some benefit from. I joined a gym.

Apart from the fact that I probably need to do something in regard to my general health and fitness I wanted a challenge that would pay dividends. Health is any easy choice in that respect. Do more exercise, get fit and lose weight in the process. Driving a truck isn't a physical job theses days. In the past there was a lot of manual handling that went with the driving but now bulk loads have machinery to move them about and other materials are getting lighter. The solution is to join a gym.

Moving on...
I now realise that I should have stuck with my first decision about what to do with my annual bonus which was to buy an arranger keyboard. I can rectify the subsequent decision which was to get into ham radio by selling all the radio gear. I'll do that soon and go back to what I know while becoming both physically and mentally more content with my world.