Sunday, September 02, 2012


Here's the new track "D'Accordion" by AmpUT.
(AmpUT is me in case you didn't know.)

It's a Schlager track.
For those of you that don't know Schlager music just think about every track that's entered for the Eurovision Song Contest, apart from the UK that is, and you'll have a good idea what Schlager music is.
It's a big thing in Europe and there are lots of radio stations dedicated to it. I've been listening to a few of them of late and thought I'd have a go at writing a track myself. While a lot of people wouldn't give the music much time I think it's worth consideration for the following reason. That it's basically good fun and that's a good reason to listen to or in this case write that style of music.
I've grown a little tired recently trying to compose 'serious' music. The final result does make it worth the effort but the blood, sweat and tears involved in getting to said result can be tiresome. This track is four chords minus the intro and ending and the whole track was conceived while jamming with my Yamaha QY100. All the hard work, if you can call it that, was done before I opened FL Studio and because the building blocks for the track were exported via MIDI from the QY100 all I had to do was re-voice and arrange, and most of the arranging was done with ChordPulse. I absolutely love the versatility of MIDI files. One can move them around between hardware and software with no effort at all. It's a joy.
This was a quick process and it meant that I could spend longer on the mixing and production which is where I'm happiest when creating a track. The track didn't take long either, probably about 20 hours from conception to completion.

So there you have it. A happy, bouncy little ditty that was a joy to make. It won't be everyone's cup of tea but it might just raise a smile from the listener.
That's the intention.