Thursday, October 25, 2007


The Story So Far

It would seem that I've left a few loose ends on this page so I'll try and round off a few stray corners.
I won my first eBay auction a while ago now and have since bought from the site again. I now own a Yamaha RY8 drum machine which is fantastic and in my guitar case as I type this. I also own a roll-up piano which is just as useful and a lot of fun too.

I made a few binaural recordings while My Cat and I were on holiday in Cornwall. I haven't had time to edit them yet but I will get round to it and post them on this site. I also fell over quite badly while we were there and I'm still hurting some six weeks later.

I've given up drinking because I can't be bothered with it for a while. Last time I gave up I learned HTML because my head was so clear and I was able to think and remember straight. This time I'm putting my clear head into learning guitar.
I've owned one for nearly two years and although it's seen a bit of action I still can't claim to be able to play it properly, that's gonna change. I'll chart my progress here.

I think I'm fairly happy with my site staying like this now so no more messing about with layouts and stuff. It's content you're after so I'll leave things be and post more often.