Friday, June 26, 2009

Shameless Self Promotion

While I'm here....
I might as well resurect the old logo. I do like it. Haven't used it for nearly a decade. This is a new version of the logo I used on my first ever proper website which included a blog. Now it's all blog with bits added as they come along. It is much easier these days to update my site/blog. The integration of technologies is much tighter these days.
I won't even try to guess where we'll be in another ten years time, mainly because I like suprises.
Anyway, this is my logo. Fancy ain't it.
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Wish You Were Here

This time I'm in Bryce world.
Bryce 3D is my favourite 3D world creator. It has been for a long time. Of all of the landscape programs it's got to be the easiest to use. The version I'm using is Bryce 5.5 and if you like 3D or want a few landscapes for illustrations or whatever you can get this software for free from
I'm still stuck in the studio nursing my sore shoulder but it feels better for not lifting heavy stuff. Light duties again tomorrow but I do have an early start. I've got a web photoshoot at 7am so it's bed early.
I might get away with putting a shot up here.
Right, back to virtual worlds.
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Nice Lake

I didn't manage to get to work today, it took me ages to move my shoulder and yes it still hurts.
One thing I can manage is mess with the new version of Terragen. It's more complicated than its first incarnation and it's trickier to get instantly stunning results but I don't think my first attempt is too bad.
That's lake Strange you can see above. It'd be nice to go swimming there but the climb down would take too long.
I think I'll need to render a helicopter.
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Indoor Activity

This is Neville cat as captured by my new Fuji A100.
It's ten mega pixels you know and even Neville is impressed. We've had to do some light indoor activity on account of me being injured. I suspect it's a damaged muscle in my left shoulder/back. If I stay still for too long I seize up and moving again is a slow ordeal.
I'll get up tomorrow and see how things are.
The only benefit is that I like the smell of deep heat.
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Monday, June 22, 2009

Lucky Cow

The cow on the right has just won the bovine lottery.
She picked up her ticket at the county fair. This weeks prize is one million pounds. Speaking exclusively to she told me she wants to buy a seat on the next space shuttle flight.
"I'm over the moon with my win." said Dorris.
Makes you wonder why she's bothering with the shuttle flight.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Kedleston Hall

Another day out bargain hunting.
Unfortunately it's the same old story. Household tat at antique prices. Who do they think they're kidding.
So far I've spent a pound on a postcard and 3.25 on cakes. The swan and I have the same idea.
Just chill by the river.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Big Reveal

It's well known that Leicester is associated with foxes.
Mints and the football club to name but two. And the bear from the mints advert? Well he must live somewhere near the factory.
After reading the sign I proceeded with extreme caution.

Sweet Memories

Here I am outside the factory that makes the famous mints.
I remember in the eighties that Fox's made adverts which featured a fox and a bear.
Please bear that in mind when you read my next post a bit later today.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

What A Hoot

I had a good day at the car boot today.
I picked up a nice maths book at Croft and it got much better after that.
The hand in the glove above is mine and yes that is a real owl sitting on the glove. Holding the owl cheered me up no end and I bought an old alarm clock just because I liked it. Then I found some cheap batteries for the lamp I got yesterday. While holdin the clock and batteries I checked out some old biscuit tins for My Cat. This made me smile to myself but I was kind of waiting for the anti terrorist police to turn up.
Maybe next time I'll search out some Plasticine, just for fun.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A Fantastic Opportunity

Above is a picture of a sculpture of Alan Turing at Bletchley Park.
He was a remarkable man and along with other people at Bletchley Park cracked the Enigma codes and saved the lives of thousands of people by effectively shortening the second world war.
This year as in years past Bletchley Park host the Turing Memorial Lecture and Dinner. It's an opportunity for anyone with an interest in Alan Turing and his work to learn more about subjects close to his heart. This year the lecture is on Thursday 2nd July. You can get more details and tickets for the event from
The lecture is titled 'Turing and Artificial Life' and will be given by professor Margaret Boden.
This isn't a geek event, it's for everyone so why not support Bletchley Park.
It'd be nice to see you there.
(I must admit that the picture used is from Stephen Fry's Twitter account. You can follow him and see what a great time he had at Bletchley Park.)

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Hammer Horror

I was here today.
It was like Hammer set. The woman that served my tea and scone was dressed the same as the dummy. Thing is the dummy was more attractive and the woman that served me could have been woken up with a lightning bolt.
The popular tunes played on pan pipes over the speakers only served to make you want to sleep. That's just before you end up in tomorrows ham salad. I left before that happened.
Three cheers for caffeine.

Friday, June 05, 2009

Guess Where?

Can't leave the place alone can I.
I know I'm not here for my holiday for another four weeks but I just had to drop into Asda to get some lunch. Strange thing is that I know my way around the store. It's like being in my home town.
I've still got to find a suit and get my boots fixed before I'm ready.
I'm still excited about my short break.
Still smiling.

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Democratic Duty

So it's the day to vote for my MEP.
So I went and did just that. I scribbled 'None Of The Above' on my ballot paper and posted it into the slot.
I don't think anyone deserves my vote because all parties used their leaflets to bang on about local and UK issues instead of focusing on Euro stuff and I'm not going to vote for someone who's policies I don't know about.
As for my spoilt paper, well, let's hope that all parties understand that not explaining themselves means no vote.
It's the first time I've scribbled on a ballot paper and while I know it achieves nothing I also feel some self satisfaction.
Can't wait until the general election. Maybe I'll write 'Could do better'.
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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Plugged In

I thought I'd better do a quick post.
I was going to blog on my lunch break today but I was playing with new apps on the iT. One thing I did on the iT was this picture. I produced the image with one app then post processed it with another two. I'll be doing a lot more of this type of thing as well as trying to record a few tunes I've started to write on the iT.
Right off to bed to dream about not being in work.
Good night.
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Monday, June 01, 2009

Escape Party

Who's that on the back of the truck?
It's Sausage!
That's the name I've given to the butchers bike and today I'm helping him escape from Coventry to his new home in Leicester. I'll give him a quick check over tonight and then we'll go out for a ride.
Sausage is a happy sausage.