Sunday, September 10, 2017

The Crossing

On days like today when the weather isn't so good and I'm stuck indoors and I need space to think, where do I go?
Everyone needs a change of scenery once in a while to help their thought process. A place where one is away from the distractions that clutter thought. When I'm stuck at my desk I disappear to the location in the picture. Virtually.
It's a live stream on YouTube of a railway crossing in the Netherlands. It's a perfect snapshot of Dutch life. Bicycles, people, scooters, cars and trains all visit this spot. I can lose hours gazing out of my virtual window. It's a place to observe and to daydream and to think. I can mull over the obstacles to solutions and then get back to work. There's all the time in the world at the crossing.
Maybe you'll find it. It might be the escape you're looking for. A place to go in inclement weather. It might provide a solution. Who knows?
You might even bump into me there.