Monday, August 03, 2020


It's been a long time since I've posted here.
There are as many reasons why I should have as to why I haven't. The main reason is that I'm busy and there are quite a few unfinished things that aren't worth blogging about really. I know it's quite fashionable to add every detail of a process but I'd rather just produce an end result and get the conversation tracking backwards and forwards from that point.
In short, I've been in the garden making it look nice, it sort of does. It's a nice place to be with a cold beer and no phone. I'm still learning the finer details of Blender and Inkscape but nothing much to show really. The hardware studio was finished then I changed my mind and I bought a couple of new things so it needs re-ordering and cables all need to be re-routed so no music from there yet. Once it's running properly I have a patten that's waiting to be turned into a track.
I've just decided to remix a friends track, that's just a project file at the moment.
So there you are, I'm doing lots but nothing is done.
I think I need another week off to get up to date.