Saturday, November 28, 2020

The Art Of Nature



The older I get the more I am inclined to get in tune with nature.

It possibly has something to do with the fact that I'm heading for the ground and nature wants to make sure I'm not full of junk so that I decompose nicely. Hopefully that won't happen for some time but in getting in tune with the natural world my path into that state of mind is numbers. My greatest fascination is random numbers, they're everywhere in nature but there seems to be (most of the time) some kind of controlled logic behind them. There is proof that humans are poor at trying to be random while nature just does it, and well. Maybe getting old and 'losing your marbles' is nature's way of telling you that order isn't such a great ambition after all.

Either way, I'm back making fractals. They are for all intents pure math but they are also found in nature. Mother earth likes repeating herself, regularly. Humans seem to get into that routine also, wars, pandemics etc. It shouldn't be something to worry too much about but our race, the human race, seems not to mind that we're deleting too much of nature and ourselves to have anything left to repeat. It's high time our repetition was of doing nothing. Taking some time out, on a loop, and letting everything recover.