Saturday, May 22, 2010

Perfect Recall

Some things are just so.
Moleskine journals and notebooks are some of those things.
Yesterday I bought three of the 'Passions' range of Moleskine journals and I was quite happy with that because of the set of six they were the three I really wanted. Today I had that mind splinter that nagged me into buying the other three to complete my set. I really don't like incomplete things. If there's a set of Moleskine journals and I can find a use for each one then I really should have the full ensemble.
It was also a good idea buying all six now as Waterstones had them all in stock and they were included in a three for two deal. I know £64 is extravagant but not quite extravagant as £96 so I can justify my purchase.
Since being bought my first Moleskine I have fallen in love with the brand and the quality that can be expected. This might seem like yet another big advert for a product but I'm sticking to my guns that if something is worth shouting about one should let rip.
On days like today I'm totally happy being a slave to quality stationary.

Monday, May 17, 2010


Moleskine Passions
I am in lust.
I was looking for a little treat for myself for no other reason than a bit of retail therapy may be needed by the end of what is going to be a hectic week at work. Having something to look forward to will get me through this week.
Having exhausted all the gadget options and drawing a blank I went to the Moleskine site to see if I needed a notebook or two, one can never have enough Moleskine notebooks. When I got there I found their new range of 'Passions' notebooks and I want at least three of them. I'm hoping I can just turn up at Waterstones and pick up a few at the weekend along with a book or two. Not that I need any more books, I have a reading list as tall as me. But these new 'Passions' notebooks are a must have. Like every product from Moleskine that I own I know I'll be happy with them.
I know this is a huge advert but some things in my world are worth shouting about.

(I got the above picture from the Moleskine site. I don't own the copyright and putting it here is a bit naughty. Image Copyright Moleskine 2010)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Post Haste

I thought I'd try something a little different for this blog post.
Let me know if it works or not.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Life In The Interesting Lane

Life on the road can be good.
You get to meet really interesting people that you wouldn't normally meet. A while ago I met a nice lady who worked in a small lab and asked if she had any spare immersion oil for my microscope, cheeky I know but she obliged. I saw her again yesterday and showed her some of the photos I had on my iPhone that I'd taken while dissecting my wasp. I explained about the iMicroscope app and its ability to measure things that are on slides. My friend was interested and asked if I could spare a few minutes to see if it worked with her microscope. I was happy to help.
The small lab is on the side of the Leicester Royal Infirmary. I didn't know what the lady looked at under her microscope but I was about to find out. I tried the app but its intense brightness was bleaching out the picture on the iPhone. It wasn't until after I left that I realised how to fix that problem, next time. I looked into the microscope to check focus and I found I was looking at sperm. I was in an Assisted Conception lab. No wonder I got strange looks emerging from the room with my work gear on.
My friend and I talked a little and I got some great tips and I left with a slide to look at at home. It was one of those priceless mornings that would never had happened if I chose the kind of career that imprisoned me in an office all day. It's one of the reasons I like driving a truck for a living. I get to watch the world go by and get to meet some fantastic and interesting people.
I also have one of the best views in the world of the world.

Friday, May 07, 2010

The Humble Stone

Have you ever wondered about stones, pebbles or rocks?
I have. What I wondered is 'How old are stones?'
I'm not talking about special stones, just normal ones, the kind that you might idly kick along the road. I had already guessed that they might be fairly old. It takes a long time to make a stone. I've also thought that although fossils are amazing, everyone focuses on the imprint in the rock and not the rock itself, unless you're a geologist I suppose. Having had this question knocking about in my head for too long I decided to seek some professional advice and emailed the 'British Geological Survey'. The answer I got back was quite surprising.
"Many of the pebbles picked up from the ground will have been chipped off from it’s parent rock, often somewhere far away, eroded and weathered as it travelled down rivers and streams. It can often be very difficult to know the source of the pebble as they can often travel very far.
We are very lucky here in the UK as our country is composed of a wide range of rock types dating from over 500 million years ago!"
So there you go. They've been around a lot longer than you and will survive you by maybe as long too.
Respect to the humble stone.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Time To Say No

This is the new shop at the end of my road.
They've spent money on doing the place up and it certainly looks better than it did. The thing is that they want to extend the previous alcohol licence to 7am - 4am Monday - Sunday, yup, everyday. That in the middle of a residential area.
I've seen the effect that these licences have had on what was a simple grocery store in the past, including this shop. When they started selling alcohol a few years ago it attracted it's fair share of drunks and young people who may or may not have been old enough to buy alcohol, hard to say. The other thing is that if people drive there then there's nowhere to park and the shop is on a blind bend.
I've talked to my local councillor who is behind residents who don't want a shop selling alcohol through the night. I'm going to make a representation against the license and do what I can to stop this happening.
I'll let you know what happens.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

I Love Cartoons

I've loved cartoons of all kinds for as long as I can remember.
I grew up with Roadrunner and Tom & Jerry on a black and white TV. When I could read I got the Beano as a treat on a Saturday morning. As a teenager I watched as a new breed of cartoon started appearing. The first one I remember was Battle Of The Planets. In my later teen years I got into 2000AD and in particular Rogue Trooper.
One thing I do really like is Manga. I also like Anime but there is still something magical about single cells. While out and about I found a book sale and I got the above book at half price. I'm not about to try and launch into an illustration career but it's an interesting insight into the techniques of manga artists.
You never know, I might have a go.