Sunday, May 28, 2023

New Beginnings

It's Spring and there's a lot of changes happening.
Firstly I have a new job, one that I'm happy with. It's taken 8 months to finally find somewhere that I can settle. Those past 8 months have seen highs and lows. Some of the jobs I took weren't 'as advertised' and I had to leave. I think a lot of employers are well aware that if they gave you the low down on what the job is really like you'd run a mile.

Secondly the garden is looking good again and I've been doing my usual pottering and keeping it growing at full speed while the weather is good. Lots of feeding and watering to be done.
The best bits are the cheap end of season climbing rose bush which is now very happy and producing lots of blooms. The beer barrel pond which is sprouting lots of bulrushes and my brambles which I'm hoping will produce a bumper crop of blackberries are both doing well.
The only bad thing is my box hedge which I've been shaping for 20 years has now succumbed to an invasion of Box Caterpillars and looks like it going to have to be replaced.
Such are the trials of gardening.