Saturday, August 29, 2009

Unique Or Not Unique

Take one jewellery store.
Add a convenience store. Open your doors to the public and see what happens.
I'm guessing that one part of the business will disappear or the whole place will close down.
I'll keep you informed.

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Friday, August 28, 2009

We Need A Drink

Mr Lion says we need booze.
I'm inclined to agree with him and it is nearly that time on a Friday. I must pop out and source a Merlot or something of that nature. I'll be back soon. I might also try and find out why my wi-fi signal is so flaky these days if I can be bothered.
See you soon.

Time To Get Happy

This week was a good week until today.
My manager managed to spoil that with one of his little talks. Now unless I gain some kind of supernatural power that allows me to know the thoughts of others or predict the outcome of their actions then I really can't help.
After all I wouldn't want to be nannying anyone.
It's just not in my nature.

The Weekend Starts Here

So here we go.
The Bank Holiday weekend is looking grey and it may well rain. But who cares? I've got a some writing to do, some Reading and I've got a really good new chess app that has really excited me about playing again.
Then there's tonight's wine and beer and web traul so it's looking good.
As for the rest of the weekend? Who knows. I'm leaving it to chance.

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Monday, August 24, 2009

August 15, 2009: The Cambridge Five

August 15, 2009: The Cambridge Five: "In the 1930s, five young Cambridge University students were recruited by Soviet intelligence to penetrate the British intelligence community. In the course of their decade-long espionage career, the Five did enormous damage to Western security. British intelligence author Nigel West examines their motivations and activities, and reveals new evidence he has unearthed in Soviet intelligence archives."

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Neville likes Sausage.
The trouble is that Paul likes Neville and he jumps into Sausage's basket when Neville is in there thus making Neville's available room much smaller. This tends to upset Neville and upon me observing the squash he jumps out. This means that Neville doesn't get much rest as I am constantly running around the house doing stuff.
One day I will forget to look and take Neville and possibly Paul to work which would upset them both and cause me a few problems.
Cat food is the answer and I must remember that. Shake the nuts before leaving for work and my feline friends will appear especially if it's Yams Nuts which they like the most.
I'm sure the Ocean Fish variety has some kind of cat nip additive in it because the boys ignore jelly food and head straight for the Yams Nuts.
I'll never know, I'm not a cat, although I can scratch fleas out of my ear with my foot.

Sunday, August 16, 2009


Originally uploaded by MikiStrange

Back at Croft again.
This has to be the most utilitarian case for a typewriter that I have
ever seen. It cost a rennet for this unusual Imperial model and I'm
very happy with it. It needs a clean and a new ribbon but that's all.
We've still got Saddington to do then off to Market Harborough for the
collectors fair and hopefully some breakfast.
It's been a long day already. I was up at 5:30am. It was worth it
though as there are some really decent bargains to be had.
One of the better car boot Sunday's.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Silly Sod

Silly Sod
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My friend Dave says I should take this into the shop.
Dave is used to going shopping with his bundle of joy and although
this is a bundle... certainly isn't a joy.

Noisy Sod

I'm in the quiet village of Sileby.
Apart from it's not quiet. There's a man cutting the grass with a petrol trimmer thing and he's very loud. I used to spend time here many moons ago but not any more.
All I can say is that the fish and chip shop used to be very good but I'm not sure about these days.
If I didn't have a big bundle of copper on the truck I'd go and find out.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

No Signal

This is what no network looks like.
Not being able to check mail or tweets on my lunch break meant I had
time to make a few kaleidoscopic pictures in the nature reserve I
parked next to. This one is of a clover flower and grass and stuff.
I also put a few chords together and made a riff for a song. All in
all a very productive time.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

Let's Try This

This method mails straight to Blogger which seems like the better
Let's see how the layout is. It's very important to me.
I like tidy.

This'll Work

This'll Work
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I used this method before and have just remembered it again. If I push
my posts through Flickr it all works just fine.
Back in business.


I have no excuses.
I have been neglecting this blog for a while now. Occasional posts have been showing up here and there but it's nothing like it used to be and for that I'm sorry.
The truth is that I've been messing about with my iPhone and coming up with new ways of generating content. It is very distracting. I'll try and get back to my old ways but until Blogger come up with their own iPhone app things may be a little slow.
I do like Shozu but I really don't want to be advertising for them every time I post. The pictures also come out a bit too big and spoil the layout here. I'll keep searching for and app I'm happy with but in the meantime it's back to sitting at my desk and blogging from there.
As soon as I have a solution I'll let you know and we'll be back in business.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

The Long Day

The Long Day is my first graphic tale.
It has a couple of 'to be continued's in there because I hadn't planned to put the three strips together but I'll remember to take them out next time.
The short story was produced on my iPhone 3GS with some cool software and bolted together on my PC using Photoshop.
I must say that I really enjoyed this first little outing and I plan to do more in the future. I've got a short story that might benefit from the comic strip treatment so I'd better get that out of it's first draft.
More graphic tales to come.
Watch this space.