Sunday, April 16, 2017


In case you ever wondered...
Why I upload and then re-edit.
Some things I say are for public consumption over a limited time scale. Like most people I feel constrained by standards.
Sometimes I just talk utter rubbish and I should sensor that. In fact maybe I should sensor everything I say. It's not a bad idea and I've been thinking of doing that for a while. If for no other reason to test a theory.
So this is it. The last plain English post that I have for you. If you're not following events then you'll hit the middle of a muddle.
To the people that follow this blog:
Instructions follow.
After that. Nothing will be the same again.

Thursday, April 13, 2017


It's nearly 19 years since I welcomed Neville into our family. Today he died.
July 4th 1998 - April 17th 2017.
The original "Mr Green".

I love you. Thanks for sharing you're time with me. I learned so much from you.

I'm in limbo emotionally. I have cried on and off all evening. I'm trying to get myself together. I can't.
Mr Green has left behind two brothers, Bailey and Paul.
Paul is taking the news badly.
If there's one thing I know, it's that humans have lost our ability to instinctively know when things have changed. Spend some time around cats and you'll understand. We have so much to learn from our friends, especially the ones that interact with us on a daily basis.

I look forward to sending my life force out to someone special when I die. No gods, no angels, no religion. Just something beyond what I know or that humans may ever have the capacity to understand.