Tuesday, March 25, 2014

In Tune

I love radio.
That's an all encompassing statement. I don't love or even like a lot of what's broadcast but I do love the medium on which it's broadcast. There are plenty of good things to listen to on the radio and the more bands one has to scan the more one finds to distract oneself.
I own a pocket DAB radio, a MW/LW/FM/SW radio, an internet radio and now a SW scanner. The latter is my newest acquisition. I intend at some stage to hook it up to either my PC or iPad and decode morse messages so that there is more content to listen to.
I've mentioned here before that daydreaming is a hobby of mine, I find that radio is good fuel for that pastime and now I have a new high octane pump to draw from.
If you'd like to listen to some SW and you don't have a radio that'll pick it up here's a link. If you're using iOS or Android there's a link on the page for your device.
Wide-band WebSDR in JO32KF

I hope you enjoy a bit of daydreaming too.