Sunday, March 29, 2020

Onwards, Onwards

I'm still on the move.
During the week I had one day off work due to Coronavirus but then it was back to work the next day. I'm a key worker in a key supply chain so the truck stays on the road even if in a reduced capacity.
My car passed its MOT also which means it's on the road for another year. This was very good news amid all the bad.
My 3D learning is gathering a little pace too. The above image, although like others posted here is a step forward. Importing LeoCAD .obj files never included the details printed on the figures or bricks. This has now been solved by importing the native .ldr file into Blender and exporting the .obj from there. That in itself was a task because I needed to add an addon to Blender and also add the LDraw library to the importer. A little trial and error got me there in the end.
My next task is to add LeoCAD files that have been rendered in Blender to photographs. I've watched a tutorial so I'll go through it again with Blender open this time.
Expect results very soon.

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Keep Smiling Through

While I was messing with my 3D software I thought I'd send my niece a picture to keep her smiling.
She is a qualified paramedic and working very hard through this Coronavirus pandemic.
It's easy to lose ones humour in times like these with shop shelves empty of everyday essentials and most people's social life all but shelved. I find it easy to amuse myself. I stay on nights at the weekend so my working week is filled with ideas for my free time. If I end up self isolating at any point I'll have plenty to do.
Hopefully you've have plenty to do also. I hope so. And while it's difficult at times, try to keep smiling.
It absolutely is the best medicine.

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Where Next?

Where does your imagination take you?
Mine takes me to all kinds of places. At the moment it's learning 3D software so that I can create the things and places that only exist in my head. It's time to up my game now though. I'm going to spend the next month learning as much as I can about CAD software. It could be a useful skill in the future or it may just end up as something that benefits me.
I want to start work on another tune soon. I'm torn between doing what I do or trying something different. Maybe I could do both by collaborating, the thought has crossed my mind many times.
I'm definitely being imaginative with numbers and cryptography. I have lots of little bits to get working together although the right combination in the right order hasn't come to me yet.
It will. I'm still learning new tricks.

Sunday, March 08, 2020

Somewhere In My Imagination

It's back to work later, when I get up.
I'll miss the imaginary worlds I'm creating while I drive up to the Lake District and back. Having said that I will have time to think of more scenes to be immersed in.
I could do with putting a bit more time into other 3D software like FreeCAD and Blender but for now I'm still finding my way around FlowScape and LeoCAD. The more complicated the software the more things I'll be able to build and there will come a time when the Lego pieces available aren't enough.
I'm not there yet though.

Saturday, March 07, 2020

Still Playing

It doesn't matter how old you are, playing with Lego is immense fun.
I had real Lego until I was about 13 years old. I never grew tired of it. There was always something to create, stories to tell, if only to myself, and time slipped by at an alarming rate. There never seemed to be enough time to finish the adventure, but there was always tomorrow to start again.
LeoCAD is software that gives you unlimited bricks and pieces and so you can build whatever you like. The advantage, being software, is that there's always time to finish the adventure because you can save your work for tomorrow.
Then there's FlowScape with which you can create environments to put your LeoCAD Lego models into. Once you've finished creating your scene you can save a picture or two or even a movie. The adventure or story once created can be saved.
If I'm not making music then I'm making 3D worlds. I find it challenging and relaxing at the same time. It's never boring and time still flies by. Some might say that my inner child is seeping out but I'd disagree.
I'm an adult and this is my idea of fun.