Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Firstly apologies for not being online so much.
I'm pretty much done with the whole social media thing. Twitter, Instagram et al were all doing my head in. It's like so much noise. I can do without it. I also know where to find friends if I need to and they know where to find me.

Anyway, I was involved in an RTA a week ago. I've been signed off for three weeks in total at the moment and although nothing is broken, getting around is a bit of a problem. I can't walk too far and the medication stops me from driving when I need to take it.

This means I'm spending a lot of time sitting down looking at my TV, books and my PC screen. I decided to have another go at getting Fl Studio into Linux. I installed Linux Mint on my desktop PC and after a lot of reading managed to get it working. The reg key is installed so it's out of demo mode too. This means I can get back to writing a few tunes while I'm recovering.

It's good to have FL Studio back.
It'll be good to recover fully too.
Fingers crossed.